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recomendar на английском языке:

1. recommend recommend

I recommend Maui.
I recommend a thorough checkup for your husband.
If you've never had a pint of Guinness in a real Irish pub, I highly recommend it.
I recommend giving it to them straight, don't waffle your way around the subject.
In the cold season when you want to drink something hot I recommend this sort of thermos flask.
I would recommend to everyone that can speak German that they read "Liebesgeschichte" by Hans Peter Richter.
I think this not a method that I can really recommend unless you are willing to risk failure.
We recommend that mains water have a water-quality test carried out once a year, well water twice a year.
However, I recommend that you take the JR Narita Express (a train leaves every 30-60 minutes from the airport), to avoid the complexity of changing trains.
Can you recommend a good wine to go with this dish?; The judge is likely to recommend a long jail sentence.
I would like to recommend my friend, Tom Smith, for this position.
The new restaurand is very goood. I recommend it.
I recommend this car, it's fast and not too much expensive.
I strongly recommend we hire David Templeman to do this tricky job for us; he’s really good!
I greatly recommend reading it to anybody thinking of learning a craft.

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