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hacer на английском языке:

1. to do to do

What are you planning to do now?
You need to do it.
to do the report
I like to do cleaning in the cellar.
Stop telling me what to do.

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2. to make to make

to make a decision
to make webs

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3. render render

The hurricane rendered performance of the contract impossible.
The punch rendered him unconscious.
she was rendered speechless; render a bill; render assistance;
The microorganisms render the contaminants harmless to the environment.
The Toshiba Tekbright 60A LCD display rendered small-point text in spreadsheets and word processing documents with razor-sharp clarity.
Today's crisis has a global dimension, which renders this type of solution impossible.
The shot rendered her immobile. My girlfriend rendered to be a married woman!
Her lack of sympathy rendered me speachless
The singers rendered the song with enthusiasm. She is rendering the book into English from French. His rudeness rendered me speechless.
The virus rendered the computer useless
... was going to possibly render her blind and leave...
There are other parasites that do this -- which render the host sterile.
Render good for evil.
Japanese food terms are difficult to render into other languages.

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