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benefit на английском языке:

1. beneficial

Ultimately, space flight will be beneficial to all mankind.
Millions of beneficial organisms live in the human digestive tract.
Worms are sometimes beneficial to soil.
Properly used, certain poisons will prove beneficial.
Is eating a clove of garlic every day beneficial to your health?
Sunshine is beneficial to plants.
I have always believed that fruits are more beneficial than fruit juices mainly because they do not contain added sugar.
Happiness is beneficial for the body, but it is grief that develops the powers of the mind.
Regular exercise is beneficial to good health.
Others say it may even be beneficial.

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2. advantage

A good newspaper reporter takes advantage of what he learns from any source, even the "little bird told him so" type of source.
advantage of being
What the fuck are you up to taking advantage of his proximity to cling to him like a wet T-shirt?!
Don't forget to take advantage of all the resources available on the Internet to help you improve your English. There are a lot of things like videos, music, audio files, films and other interesting things.
Be careful when you shop, because some sales people will try to take advantage of you and offer you an expensive price.
The police officer pointed his pistol at the criminal, who, in turn, held his pistol directly pointed at the officer. Neither had the advantage, the position was a stalemate.
Taking advantage of the popular boom in Korean drama, workers selling Korean goods have increased.
He who is in love with himself has at least this advantage — he won't encounter many rivals.
He's a tenacious guy who always manages to come out on top. He's the kind of guy who can turn any situation to his advantage.
He has come to look like a sly-as-a-fox Premier who uses his position's powers to the fullest extent, to his own advantage.
companies with a computerized database are at an advantage
Having a Being able to speak two or more foreign languages is a great advantage when you are looking for a job.
Everyone understood the advantage of painlessly sampling a tiny volume of blood and most people accepted the need to develop the device in secret.
People really need to make sure they are using this resource to their advantage, by conveying a professional image

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