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Hygge is a general feeling of cosiness but it is more of a practice e.g. lighting candles, eating food with friends and watching films.
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Feeling refreshed and energised after a good night's sleep.
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This means something that is a nuisance or a disappointment.
I just can't be bothered to go to the pubs any more.
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Literally means 'profit' but can be used to mean that you can't be bothered to do something.
Jeg har ikke overskuden at gå på pubben længere.
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This is an example of how the Danish family term system is more specific than in English. 'Faster' means aunt, but it specifically means your father's sister (far + søster = faster).
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Literally means 'work happiness' and translates to something close to 'job satisfaction'.
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Means 'you' in the plural. English has lost this distinction.
начать обучение
Translates to something akin to 'Bon apetit!'.

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