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noun; it refers to a selfish person that does not care about anybody and anything.
He is a selfish person who only cares about himself! He does only whatever he wants.
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Lui è proprio un menefreghista! Fa solo quello che vuole lui.
as an exclamation it means "if only!" or "I wish"; otherwise it can literally be translated as "maybe", "probably".
Would you like to win the lottery? Oh, I wish!
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Vorresti vincere al lotto? Oh, magari!
it means "I love you" but it is specifically used to express a deep affection to someone who is not a lover, like a friend or a relative. Otherwise, to your lover you say "Ti amo", and never "ti voglio bene!".
My dear friend, I love you!
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"Ti voglio bene"
Caro amico mio, ti voglio bene!
it can be translated as "oh my god". However, it can used to express both surprise and a feeling of dislike.
Oh my god, he is so boring!
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"Mamma mia"!
Mamma mia quanto è noioso!
Pay attention: "noioso" is referring to a male person, if the person you are referring to is a woman you should say "noiosa"
exclamation that means "I do not know/who knows".
I do not know, why should I know it?!
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exclamation that means "I do not know/wh на английском языке
Boh, e io che ne so?!
expression that denotes someone who likes eating a lot, not being picky at all.
I see that you are a big eater, there is nothing you do not eat!
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"essere una buona forchetta"
Vedo che sei una buona forchetta, mangi qualsiasi cosa!
adverb; it can be compared to "rather".
No, you'd rather go to do groceries.
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No, semmai ci vai tu a fare la spesa!
pronoun; it can be translated as "it to him" (glielo) or "It to her" (gliela).
My car? I am not going to lend it to him again!
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Pay attention: "macchina" is a feminine noun, hence you use "gliela"
La mia macchina? Non gliela presto più.

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