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'here' used for verbs which describe movement
I came here.
начать обучение
Jag kom hit.
used as an answer for the question when we want to say 'no' but not directly, we want to be kind
- Do you want to go to the cinema? - No...
начать обучение
- Vill du gå på bio? - Nja...
something like 'really', to describe that something is obvious
You're not really thinking of doing it?
начать обучение
Du tänker väl inte att göra det?
means something between 'then' and 'so'
What have you done then?
начать обучение
Vad har du gjort då?
you use this word to underline that something is obvious.
It is, of course, you who is the boss.
начать обучение
Det är ju du som är chefen.
to have enough time to do something
I didn't have time to go to the library.
начать обучение
Jag hann inte gå på biblioteket.
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