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particle stressing a question
What do you want?
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é que
O que você quer?
indefinite masculine article
A coffee, please.
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Um café, por favor.
indefinite feminine article
I'd like a bottle of beer.
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Queria uma garrafa de cerveja.
definite masculine article
My father is a teacher.
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O meu pai é professor.
definite feminine article
Joan's mother is called Isabelle.
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A mãe da Joana se chama Isabel.
definite, plural masculine article
Your brothers are good people.
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Os teus irmãos são pessoas boas.
definite, plural feminine article
Your answers are correct.
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As suas respostas estão corretas.
can mean e.g. to, on, at, away
At which time does the bus leave?
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A que horas sai o ônibus?
can mean e.g. from, of, by, in, at
This is Rachel's son.
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Este é o filho da Raquel.
can mean e.g. by, for, around, through
I pay 1 euro for a bottle of water.
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Pago 1 euro por uma garrafa de água.
can mean e.g. to, towards, for, in order to
I'd like to book a table for two people.
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Queria reservar uma mesa para duas pessoas.
second-person singular pronoun, widely used in Brazil (more or less equivalent to English "you") and less common in Portugal, where you'd rather use other forms
widely used in Brazil (more or less equivalent to English "you") and less common in Portugal, where you'll rather use other forms, like "o senhor" / "a senhora" (sir / madam) or zero pronoun
You were not here!
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Você não estava aqui!
second-person singular pronoun used in unofficial context
You cannot say like this.
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Você não pode falar assim.

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