Untranslatable - غير قابل للترجمة

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Right to left script
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Arabic is one of the languages using right to left script. It means that the punctuation marks are placed at the left end of the sentence, which may be tricky for the beginners.
In Arabic, the punctuation is a little different...
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... there are two punctuation signs that look differently: the question mark and the comma.
Question mark
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The English question mark is (?) while the Arabic question mark looks like this (؟)
How are you? - كيف حالك؟
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The English comma is (,) while the Arabic comma points the opposite way (،) and it is written on top of the line.
I'm good, really good! -!أنا جيد ، جيد حقًا
Full stop?
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The use of the full stop is similar to English.

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