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Morriña refers to the feeling of emptiness, melancholy or nostalgia for lack of a person or for not being at home, which is usually considered characteristic of Galician temperament.
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Luscofusco is the light that appears on the sky when the sun goes down.
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Rabudo is an adjective which describes a person being grumpy in an irritating way.
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Ruliña literally means a small bird, however, it is used as "darling". It is mostly used by grandparents speaking about their grandchildren.
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Trapallada can be anything that is useless, insignificant or badly done.
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In Galicia it rains a lot. Hence, Galician people came up with a word "orballo", which means a rain that is neither heavy nor light.
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To rain cats and dogs non-stop.
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Parvo is an adjective which means irrationally stupid.

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