Top 10 Spanish Movies

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Cell 21
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When Juan begins working as a prison officer, he is caught up in a prison riot. He then decides to pass himself off as one more prisoner to save his life and to put an end to the revolt, led by the fearsome Malamadre.
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This drama directed by Pedro Almodóvar tells the story of Raimunda and her family. Raimunda and his sister lead a complicated life, and everything changes when their mother, who died in a fire, appears in their homes to resolve unresolved issues.
The Others
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This mystery movie tells the story of Grace and her children, strictly raised in an old Victorian house. The children suffer from a rare disease, as they cannot be exposed to sunlight. This rule will be challenged in the end.
The Sea Inside
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Ramón has been in a bed for 30 years due to an accident at sea that he suffered as a young man. His family has taken care of him during all this time. His life changes with the appearance of two women who will make his final journey easier for him.
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In 1980, two teenage girls are found dead in the marshes of the Guadalquivir River. Juan and Pedro çare in charge of the case. Both are going through a bad patch in the police force and will need to face their fears in order to work together.
Pan's Labyrinth
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It is a dark fantasy drama directed by Guillermo del Toro which is set during the Spanish Civil War. Ofelia, a 13-year-old girl, enters the magical world of the forest where the faun is. The faun will reveal an incredible secret about her identity.
The Orphan
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Laura had a very happy childhood in an orphanage where she returns with her family as an adult. She decides to reform it and open a shelter for sick children. Everything changes when her son begins to feel strange presences.
Spanish Affair
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Rafa is the typical Andalusian guy with the three most important things for him: hair gel, women and wine. Everything changes when he meets Amaia, the typical Basque girl. He decides to act as a typical Basque and follow her to the north.
Women on the Verge of a Nervous Breakdown
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Pepa and Ivan decide to end their long relationship because Ivan is a womanizer. Pepa decides to rent the house they shared because it is full of memories. While waiting for Ivan to pick up his things, the house is filled with peculiar people.
The Holy Innocents
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Paco and Régula are Spanish peasants who suffer constant humiliation from the landowner. Régula's brother, who suffers from a mental handicap, was dismissed and went to live with them. Together they had to face the problems of the time.

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