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noun; of a river; /ˈtʃænəl/
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The part of a river where boats can pass.
We have to keep our boat in the channel.
noun; connection; /ˈtʃænəl/
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A connection between initiating and terminating nodes of a circuit.
The guard-rail provided the channel between the downed wire and the tree.
noun; storage medium; /ˈtʃænəl/
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The portion of a storage medium, such as a track or a band, that is accessible to a given reading or writing station or head.
This chip in this disk drive is the channel device.
y=x; /kəmˈpɹaɪz/
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If x comprises y, y is all the things that, together, make x.
The United States comprises 50 states.
noun; /ˈkɒnvɜːt/
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A convert is a person who changed their beliefs or religion.
And we must not discount those who became converts to the new religion.
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If something is empirical, it is based on or can be checked by observation or experience.
This hypothesis has been challenged on both theoretical and empirical grounds.
verb; /ɪkˈstrækt/
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If you extract something, you take it out of something else.
Computers are becoming more useful in helping us extract useful information from the data.
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