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slang; expression used when you are happy that things went right, something like "Thank God!"
Thank god you didn't break your arm!
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Meno male!
Meno male che non ti sei rotto il braccio.
It can also be used by itself, ex.: "Ho ritrovato il mio portafoglio! Meno male!" (I found my wallet! Thank God!)
slang; "I'm in"
I'm in, I will come to the party with you.
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Ci sto!
Ci sto, vengo alla festa con te.
slang; expression used to say "come on!"
Come, don't' be sad!
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Dai, non essere triste.
slang; expression used to refer to someone who is very drunk (to be wasted)
Look at that guy! He's wasted!
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stare fuori come un balcone
Guarda quel ragazzo! Sta fuori come un balcone!
slang; expression used when something beautiful happens and it makes you happy.
I finally managed to find a job, I'm so happy!
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presa a bene
Ho finalmente trovato lavoro, presa a bene!
slang, verb; "to break up with someone"
I broke up with Luca, I didn't love him anymore.
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mollare (qualcuno)
Ho mollato Luca, non lo amavo più.
anche: mollarsi con qualcuno, ex.: "Ti sei mollato con Anna? (Did you break up with Anna?)
slang, noun; it literally means "cork" but in this care it refers to a very short person
If you want to say it to a girl, you use "tappa"
I don't like him, he's so short!
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Non mi piace lui, è un tappo!
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