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I'd like to present Mr. Neri, who's going to address the topic...
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Vorrei presentare il Signor Neri, il quale tratterà l'argomento...
Let's now turn to...
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Ora passiamo a...
In this presentation I'd like to focus on...
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In questa presentazione vorrei concentrarmi su...
First I'll give a brief overview of the current situation.
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Per prima cosa rivedrò brevemente la situazione attuale.
I'll leave some time for questions and comments.
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Ci sarà un po' di tempo per domande e commenti.
Please feel free to interrupt if you have any questions or comments.
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Prego, sentitevi liberi di interrompermi se avete domande o commenti.
I'd like to go back to the previous slide.
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Vorrei tornare indietro alla slide precedente.
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