Places to visit in Moldova

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The capital and the biggest city in Moldova. It has loads of parks, museums, churches, places to eat and relax. You'll want to visit the World War II memorial and the Pushkin Park.
Orheiul Vechi
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It's an archaeological complex with rich historical and cultural significance. Here you can explore the fortifications, caves, ruins, monasteries and baths of the region.
Vinăria Cricova
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The second largest underground winery in the world with 120 kilometres of roadways and a tunnel system with underground tasting rooms and tours.
Mănăstirea Țipova
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Comprises 3 main rock complexes along the Dniestr River. The oldest complex is the Church of the Feast of the Holy Cross from the 11th century.
Mănăstirea Curchi
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The most beautiful monastery of Moldova. Its complex is made of 5 churches, abbeys, cells and a refectory. The main piece is the Mother of God Church, built in the 19th century.
Mănăstirea Saharna
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The Holy Trinity Monastery is a breathtaking place close to the Dniestr River, that includes 22 waterfalls and a lot of picturesque views of the region.
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A self-declared independent republic that has its own currency, police force and speaks Russian language. Here you can explore the soviet remains from the 1990's.
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One of the main points from the city is its fortress, built in the 16th century, which is a great reflection of the medieval history of the country.
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It is an autonomous land with a culture influenced mainly by Turkey. The main attraction is the Comrat Regional History Museum.
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Located on the Dniestr River, this city and its fortress played a very important role in the history of the country. It is also the unofficial Roma capital.
Rezervația Naturală Pădurea Domnească
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The largest natural reserve founded in 1993. Here you can find the oldest oak tree (450 years old) and many rare bird species.
Mănăstirea Căpriana
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One of the oldest monasteries, founded in the 16th century by Alexander the Good. It houses the largest library in the country and has the Codru nearby.
Rezervația Naturală Codru
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The oldest reserve in the country and home to 1000 species of protected plants, 145 bird species and 43 mammal species.
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Factory opened in 1897 in Tiraspol, which makes one of the Europe's best cognac.
Parcul Țaul
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The largest park in the country which includes the house of Ivan Pommer. Here you can discover 150 varieties of bushes and trees, from which many are exotic.

Why is Moldova a great travel destination?

Basarabia is an undiscovered pearl of East Europe. It is very small and unique, with a lot of beautiful tourist attractions and great places to visit in Moldova, including monasteries, museums and wineries. There are many things to do in Moldova and places to visit in Moldova as it is rich culturally and historically. It is the perfect destination for those who are tired of the same urbanistic cities. In short, here are some great reasons to visit Moldova:
  • 1. real bounding with nature
  • 2. sincere emotions of people
  • 3. great food
  • 4. home wine
  • 5. beautiful sceneries
We dedicated this lesson to the places to visit in Moldova because we want to help you with planning your future trip and to make sure you include all of them in your travel list.

So which are the places to visit in Moldova?

The first in the list of tourist attractions in Moldova is its capital - Chișinău. This is a great place to visit in Moldova where you will discover the reminisces of communist architecture. You should definitely see Orheiul Vechi, one of the best places to visit in Moldova. Its settlement is composed of a mosque, two mausoleums and a bath, close to an Orthodox church. Let us not forget the wine cellars, Cricova and Mileștii Mici, that are the most famous places to visit in Moldova. The Mileștii Mici cellar is home to the largest wine collection in the world, according to the Guinness Book of Records. Those who are interested in history should explore Transnistria, an interesting place to visit in Moldova autonomous unit where the inter-ethnic language is Russian. Besides, some of the best places to visit in Moldova are Bender and the Găgăuzia region. Monasteries are also important places to visit in Moldova. The main ones are Saharna, Hîncu and Căpriana Monasteries. Also, we recommend visiting the Soroca fortress, build on the bank of Dniester River, it was an important location during the war with the Turks. As you can see, there are many reasons for visiting Moldova and many places to visit in Moldova. Find out more about them with our lesson and see those places by yourself in a great and memorable journey as a tourist in Moldova!

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