lexical patterns cz.2

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zastępstwo za (kogoś)
начать обучение
replacement for (someone)
The restaurant needs to find a replacement for a sick chef.
odpowiedź na (coś)
начать обучение
reply to (something)
Thank you for your reply to my letter
badania na (jakiś temat)
начать обучение
research on
Have you read the least research on bilingualism?
rozwiązanie (czegoś)
начать обучение
solution to
I can’t find a solution to this problem
talent do
начать обучение
talent for
I have absolutely no talent for singing
gust (jakiegoś rodzaju)
начать обучение
taste in
Here’s adivce on how to develop a taste in fashion
wartość (czegoś)
начать обучение
value of something
Children often don’t understand the value of money
oskarżać o (coś)
начать обучение
accuse of (something)
The man was accused of robbery
przystostować się do (czegoś)
начать обучение
adapt to
i can easily adapt to new situations
przemawiać do
начать обучение
appeal to
Techno music doesn’t appeal to Jenny
ubiegać się o
начать обучение
apply for
Send your CV and cover letter to apply for the job
aprobować (coś)/ nie aprobować (czegoś)
начать обучение
approve/ disapprove of
I approve/ disapprove of the recent changes in the law
przyjezdzac do
начать обучение
arrive at/in
kojarzyć z
начать обучение
associate with
I associate Greece with sun and blue sea
winić kogoś za coś
начать обучение
blame sb for sth
Don’t blame me for being late
dbać o
начать обучение
care about
Young people often don’t care about the future
pobrać opłatę za
начать обучение
charge sb for sth
The restaurant charged me $30 for a salad. How expensive!!!
klikać na
начать обучение
click on
Click on the icon to log out
porównywać coś do czegoś
начать обучение
compare sth to sth
Don’t compare yourself to other people
rekompensować coś
начать обучение
compensate for
His experience compensates for the lack of formal education
skarżyć sie na coś komuś
начать обучение
complain about sth to sb
John complained about a dirty bathroom to the hotel manager
skoncentrować się na (czymś/kimś)
начать обучение
concentrate on
Quiet music helps me concentrate on my studying
radzić sobie z
начать обучение
cope with
How do you cope with stressful situations?
liczyć na (kogoś)
начать обучение
count on
Rick knows he can always count ob his parents
radzić sobie z
начать обучение
deal with
Fire fighters must learn how to deal with various kinds of fire
zdecydować sie na
начать обучение
decide on
We haven’t decided on the holiday destination yet
polegać na kogoś w jakiejś sprawie
начать обучение
depend on sb for sth
umrzeć na coś
начать обучение
die from/of
People in Africa die from/of malaria
osiągnąć dobre wyniki w
начать обучение
do well in
Sheila has done very well in the maths test
wymienić coś z kimś
начать обучение
exchange with
Ann often exchanges her clothes with her cousin Jackie
koncentrować sie na kimś/czymś
начать обучение
focus on
I need to focus on studying for my exam
pozbyć się
начать обучение
get rid of
Get rid of all unnecessary things
znudzić się czymś
начать обучение
get tired of
I got tired of listening to her complaints
przedstawić kogoś komuś
начать обучение
introduce sb to sb
Can I introduce you to my fiance?
inwestować w coś
начать обучение
invest in
Should we invest in gold or diamonds
śmiać się z kogoś czegoś
начать обучение
laugh at
Beth laughed at her own mistake
prowadzić do
начать обучение
lead to
Careless driving leads to accidents
pożyczać coś komuś
начать обучение
lend sth to sb
Martin never lends his car to anyone
przygotować się na coś
начать обучение
prepare for
In Japan children learn how to prepare for an earthquake
powstrzymać kogoś przed zrobieniem czegoś
начать обучение
prevent sb from doing sth
Strong security systems prevent hackers from breaking into banks
protestować przeciwko
начать обучение
protest against
Thousands of workers protest against lauoffs
karać kogoś za coś
начать обучение
punish sb for sth
You can’t punish me for something I didn’t do
prowadzić do
начать обучение
result in
That chain of events resulted in the outbreak of World War I
oszczędzać na coś
начать обучение
save for
Matt is saving all his many for a trip around the world
chronić przed czymś
начать обучение
save from
Enviromentalists try to save tigers from extinction
wydawać pieniądze na
начать обучение
spend (money) on
I’ve spend £1000 on the newest laptop
gapić się na
начать обучение
stare at
Why are you staring at me?
cierpiec na cos
начать обучение
suffer from
Even young people suffer from depression
współczuć komuś
начать обучение
sympathise with
I sympathise with flood victims who lost their homes
wziąć udział w
начать обучение
take part in
Customers were asked to take part in a survey
głosować przeciw / za
начать обучение
vote against/for
They voted against/for the current goverment
głosować w jakiejs sprawie
начать обучение
vote on
The parliament voted on a bill to abolish the death penalty
martwić się o
начать обучение
worry about
Parents often worry about the safety of their children
zepsuć się
начать обучение
break down
My car broke down on the motorway
zerwać ze sobą
начать обучение
break up
I broke up with my boyfriend last month
начать обучение
bring up
Jim was brought up by his grandparents
начать обучение
carry out
The students carry out experiments in the science lab

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