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We are interested in... and we would like to know...
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Nous sommes intéressés par... et nous aimerions savoir...
In/with reference to your e-mail... / Further to your e-mail...
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Dans / avec référence à votre e-mail ... / Suite à votre e-mail...
Looking forward to further cooperation.
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Dans l'attente d'une coopération future.
If we could be of any further assistance, please contact us.
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Si nous pouvons être d'une plus grande assistance, veuillez nous contacter.
The information is confidential.
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L'information est confidentielle.
Thank you for looking favourably on my proposal.
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Merci de regarder favorablement ma proposition.
not common in French
With reference to our phone conversation...
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With reference to our phone conversation на английском языке
Suite à notre conversation téléphonique...
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