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The dirt from one's bellybutton
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The joy what people feel because something bad has happened to someone else.
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A negative personal feature that means someone is too kind and bland.
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A type of walking, when the person walks slow and thinks.
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As a noun, it refers to comfortable dress, usually wears by women at home. As an adjective, it means something is negligent, inaccurate.
karót nyelt
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A personal feature, if someone is too rigid and cold.
mákos guba
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A typical hungarian food, based on pasta with poppy seeds.
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A stronger version of nasty. Hungarians use it if something is very dirty, or for very low quality, easy women.
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If two people fancies each other, but they are not together officially. It is a step before dating.
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An expression for loud arguments that make a big scandel.

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