Greece - places worth visiting - Ελλάδα - τόποι που αξίζει να επισκεφτείς

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A city in the northwest coast of the island of Greece. Known for its 14th-century Venetian harbour. The atmosphere of the city has a touch of Florence and Venice, combined with the culture and character of Cretan people and traditions.
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A peninsula situated in Northern Greece. It's divided in three peninsulas, Kassandra, Sithonia and Agion Oros. A region known for its beautiful beaches and numerous monuments. Petralona cave is worth visiting.
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A rock formation in central Greece, part of the UNESCO World Heritage List. Visitors enjoy the coexistance of this rare geological phenomenon of huge rock pillars with an ancient monastic community built on the top of the rock pillars.
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One of the major centres of Greek civilisation during the second millenium BC. A UNESCO World Heritage Site, with the fortified citadel of the site. People thought that the place was built by Cyclopes, because of the giant stones that no human could move!
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One of the Saronic islands in the Aegean Sea. Cars and motorcycles are not allowed on the island! As is depends on tourism, you can find plenty of traditional shops and restaurants there. The main town of the island is Hydra port.
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Capital of Greece and one of the most ancient cities of the world. See Acropolis, Parthenon temple, Monastiraki or Plaka district. At night, people enjoy the so-called "mpouzoukia", where famous greek singers perform.
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