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In a negative clause the negation of the verb (nicht) is placed...
начать обучение
... after the verb and usually precedes the part of the sentence to be negated.
If you want to negate an entire sentence, you place nicht...
начать обучение
... at the end of the sentence.
How to make a comparative in German?
pretty - prettier
начать обучение
We add the ending -er to the positive form of the adjective.
schön - schöner
Is the word order in a German sentence significant?
начать обучение
Yes, it is extremely significant and one should pay attention to it.
What are the genders of German nouns?
начать обучение
The masculine (der / ein), the feminine (die / eine), and the neuter (das / ein); plural (die - the same for all genders).
The indefinite article (ein / eine / ein) is used when...
начать обучение
... something is mentioned for the first time or it's something indefinite / unknown - equivalently to the word a in English.
German verbs are conjugated for...
начать обучение
... person, number and mood.
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