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Extremely Simplified Grammar
A few simplified rules which shall allow you to form MORE OR LESS correct and understandable sentences.
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Extreem eenvoudige grammatica
comparative form of an adjective
big - bigger
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adjective + "-er"
groot - groter
basic conjugation pattern
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infinitive form for all persons in plural; for 1st person singular: infinitive minus "-en"; for 2nd and 3rd persons singular: 1st person singular form + "-t" (unless there is already "t")
question in the future tense
When will you do it?
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(interrogative word) + conjugated "zullen" + noun + the rest of the sentence + infinitive
Wanneer zal je het doen?
How to best learn grammar?
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How to best learn grammar? на английском языке
Remember and use as many correct phrases and sentences as possible in your speaking. And then learn (and remember) the rules.
position of a verb in a sentence
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the verb (almost) always comes SECOND
question in the past perfect tense ("het perfectum")
Who did you meet yesterday?
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(interrogative word) + conjugated "hebben"/"zijn" + noun + the rest of the sentence + past participle of the main verb
Wie heb je gisteren ontmoet?
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