словарь словацкий - английский

slovenský jazyk - English

neskôr на английском языке:

1. later

Maybe later.
Sometimes, if I look at a forest of trees, I get in a trance and don't even realize until minutes later.
Roger Miller learned to play the guitar and the violin. Much later, he learned to play the drums.
Years later, Europeans established colonies in the coastal areas.
I am staying with my uncle for the time being, but later I will move to a small apartment.
At first the job looked good to Tom, but later it became tiresome.
I met Tom before I graduated from high school, but didn't meet Mary until many years later.
An experiment, I would learn much later, when studying the philosophy of science, had to arise from a real dissatisfaction with existing knowledge.
Later, Chris felt ashamed and apologized and Beth forgave him.
Later, the nurse told me she had done her best to make me well.
Later, in high school, I would take chemistry the way I took vitamin pills.
It was a terrible confusion; Sue slipped later in the water. They're all mad at you.
Later, it happened that there was some gossip at home, and my mother suspected that she had written something improper; after that she would not have her letters written for her.
In later years, I confess that I do not envy the white boy as I once did.
All were imprisoned by the Allies after the war and later sentenced to death or given long prison terms for war crimes.