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1. attendance

It is a parent’s responsibility to ensure children’s regular attendance at school.
I'll take attendance first.
Attendance is compulsory for all members.
The attendance at the party was larger than had been expected.
Attendance had been falling off and such people as did come sat about indifferently.
To be continued next time, and thus I most humbly request your attendance then.
The festival witnessed an unusually large attendance.
Attendance should be good provided the weather is favorable.
We need you to confirm your attendance because places are limited.
In Japan, attendance at elementary and junior high school is compulsory.
Theater attendance usually falls off in summer.
At last month's meeting, attendance was really poor.
Primary school attendance is mandatory in all countries.
He decided to improve himself by attendance at evening classes. At Easter, attendances at churches rose.
Professor Brown's lectures are very interesting, so the attendance is very high.