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1. rash rash

The rash on Angela's leg was red and blotchy and very itchy, so she went to the doctor.
One of the symptoms of measles is a red rash.
itchy rash
“it would be extremely rash to make such an assumption”
It was very imprudent, very rash of you to speak about her the way you did last night.
We should not be rash now; we should wait for a good chance.
Generalised skin reactions including pruritus, urticaria or non-specific rash.
I was out in the sun for so long that I got heat rash.
The person may have flu-like symptoms, a headache and a high temperature. The person may also complain of a stiff neck and be sensitive to light. At a later stage a rash may form
Don't be so rash! You're barely 18 - it's much too early to get married!
Definition a rash is a lot of red spots on someone’s skin caused by an illness or a bad reaction to something they have eaten or touched
It’s best to think things over calmly and thoroughly, rather than make rash decisions.
That was a rash decision - you didn't think about the costs involved. I think it was a bit rash of them to get married when they'd only known each other for a few weeks.
Maybe I'm being a little rash about the male models. / a rash promise
It would be rash to assume that everyone will agree with you.

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