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cept на английском языке:

1. fry fry

Tomorrow they're gonna fry that killer.
Ann doesn't know how to fry an egg.
fry an egg
Do you prefer to boil or to fry?
My mother is frying the chicken in the kitchen
Heat sesame oil in the pan on a medium flame, add the chicken meat, the garlic and fry, when the colour changes pour in the Chinese soup, add the Chinese cabbage and boil.
A few minutes of Stephen Fry will make any American apologize for his rhoticity.
People will fry to a crisp in the sun today.
I like pea pods in my stir fry.
Step 1. Heat the vegetable oil (0.5L) (any grease or a mixture of oil and grease) in the pot on high heat, add sliced onions (400g), fry until the onions take a yellow color, then add meat (any kind) (1kg).
Bender often utters the phrase "Kill all humans", even if he always silently adds "except one" referring to Fry.
Heat the oil in a large pan and fry the onionand garlic for 5 minutes.
(1)deep frying, (2)pan frying, (3)stir-frying
In the meantime, cut the bread into cubes and fry them in hot oil.

Английский слово "cept«(fry) встречается в наборах:

Ēdieni un dzērieni - Food and drink
Verbs - Darbības vārdi

2. bake bake

Tom assumes Mary will be willing to help with the bake sale.
I took a cooking class last spring and learned to bake bread.
bake cakes
to bake bread
Don't be so sad, let's bake!
Well, I bake bread, listen to music, or read comic books.
I like to bake bread and give a loaf to my friend Mie.
Many people think that sponge cake is difficult to bake, but if you use enough eggs, nothing can really go wrong.
The cake you baked yesterday was just uneatable.
My mum bakes an apple pie every weekend
Let's bake a lemon cake tonight?
I bake once a month.
I have some freshly baked cake in the kitchen.
I love eating baked potatoes with baked trout.
Mary's birthday will be soon. I am going to bake a cake for her.

3. to roast to roast

I think that it's a good idea to roast some nuts and almonds for the party.