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bandeja на английском языке:

1. salver salver

They were given a salver for their 30th wedding anniversary.

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2. tray tray

The waitress dropped the tray.
Add more paper to the paper tray and continue printing.
She was carrying a tray of drinks.
I’ll put your breakfast on a tray so that you can eat it in bed.
He made his sister a nice pen tray.
She set the tray down on the table.
He carried food on a silver tray.
Do you have a tray so I can put fruit on it?
Do you want a tray with that?
On the tray are five objects - three of them are keys.
Irene Pepperberg holds a round tray in front of a parrot she has named Alex.
Set up paper cups in the cupcake baking tray.
Mr Yamaha filled the big tray in his living room with walnuts.

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