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1. barren barren

He prayed that his barren wife would one day have a child. The room was austere, nearly barren of furniture or decoration.
barren years
Thousands of years ago the surface was barren desert.
Riding through dustclouds and barren wastes
He is barren of creative spirit.
It's a very barren landscape, it's very desolate,...
The sports hall turned out to be a rather barren concrete building
Very barren mountains but an incredibly beautiful part of the country.
I’m not saying I hadn’t a moment of regret when I first knew Hilda was barren; the genes asserting their atavistic imperatives, I suppose.
The land was barren and people couldn't grow any plants there. collocation: barren land, soil
The land was so dry and barren, Emily didn't think it would make a good spot for growing vegetables.
After the bomb blast, the land around the area was completely barren
/ˈbær.ən/ We ​drove through a barren, ​rocky ​landscape.
The definition of barren is something or someone who is not productive or fruitful, or a place with few or no plants. An example of a barren tree is a tree that makes no fruit. An example of barren is a desert where few things grow.
I am not a rhinoceros, I am not a tiger, but I am led into this barren wild...