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начать обучение
to try hard to get something you want
начать обучение
ability to repay debts
level playing field
начать обучение
a situation that is fair for everybody involved.
take on board
начать обучение
expression to consider an idea, to accept criticism and learn from past mistakes
think outside the box
начать обучение
expression to find new and unusual ways of doing things, espeially solving problems
without a trace
начать обучение
expression no sign that someone has been present
начать обучение
someone who is very good at something
file a claim
начать обучение
to present a claim so that it can be officially recorded and dealt with
начать обучение
firm specializing in arranging storage and shipping of merchandise on behalf of its shippers
frequent-flyer scheme
начать обучение
a system to encourage people to travel with the same airline by giving them reductions or gifts
drop off
начать обучение
to take something to a place and not stay there long
начать обучение
feeling tired and sometimes confused after long flight
начать обучение
an oral proposal designed to persuade someone to buy your product or support you

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