Chile - places worth visiting

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Isla de Pascua
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The mysterious Easter island is lost in the Pacific and its mythical Moais guard it day and night. When you step on its surface, you feel a powerful energy and it seems you can almost see the rapanuis work their great deities carved in stone.
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The capital of the Los Ríos region owes its name to the Spanish conqueror, Don Pedro de Valdivia. It was founded in 1552 and during colonial times was considered the key to the South Sea - a strategic enclave for the control of access to the Pacific.
San Pedro de Atacama
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It is located in the Atacama Desert. The population of sandy streets and wooden houses attracts a good number of tourists each year.
Viña del Mar
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Here, you can find large and luxurious hotels, gardens and parks, manicured beaches, a major ATP circuit tennis tournament and the famous music festival that has emerged as the most important in Latin America.
Valle del Elqui
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The arid mountains and hills of the Elqui form valleys are an advantage to men that plant vineyards from which are obtained the grapes that will be used to make one of the most popular drinks in Chile.
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