500 most important Norwegian verbs 1 - 25

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to get up
also: to stand up
I hate getting up early in the morning.
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å stå opp; står opp
Jeg hater å stå opp tidlig.
to thank
Thank grandma for the gift.
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å takke; takker
Takk bestemora for gaven.
to know
Do you know who did that?
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å vite; vet
Vet du hvem som gjorde det?
to come
When is your sister coming?
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å komme; kommer
Når kommer søstera di?
to get
Have you gotten my message?
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å få; får
Har du fått meldingen min?
to like
I like to sit and watch the water.
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å like; liker
Jeg liker å sitte og se på vann.
to see
I can't see anything!
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å se; ser
å bruke synet
Jeg kan ikke se noen ting!
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