10 interesting parties in Galicia

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Fiestas del Apóstol Santiago
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It's celebrated from July 15 to 31 but their mos important day is 25. The night from 24 to 25 there is a fireworks show in the Cathedral and thousands of people contemplate it.
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It's celebrated in February throughout the Galician territory. We can highlight the one held in Verín.
Arribada (Baiona)
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It's celebrated in the first week of March. It is the anniversary of the arrival of La Pinta, the first ship that arrived in Europe after the discovery of America by Columbus.
Fiesta del Pulpo (Carballiño)
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Gastronomic party where you can taste "Polbo a feira" cooked octopus, olive oil and paprika.
Fiesta del pimiento de Padrón
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Party on the variety of pepper of the town called Padrón. Some of then are spicy and others not. This party is celebrated the first weekend of August.
Festival de Ortigueira
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If you like a celtic and folk music, this festival is ideal for you. There you can find people from all over the world
Fiestas del Monte (A Guarda)
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During second week of August is celebrated this party but the most important day is on sunday. Thousands of people climb Mount Santa Tegra with their drums. It is tradition to stain by red wine.
Fiesta del Marisco (O Grove)
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If you are in Galicia in October you should go to O Grove. In this party you can taste a great variety of seafood from galican estuaries.
Feria del Vino (Cambados)
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Cambados celebrates one of the many wine fairs that are held in Galicia. This is perhaps the busiest. You can try a great selection of wines from the different wineries in the area of Rias Baixas
Fiesta del Pan (Cea)
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Considered by many the best bread in Spain is made from wheat flour, spongy, fibrous and firm, with not many air pockets. The crust is thick, hard and rigid

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