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something you do in order to prevent something dangerous or unpleasant from happening
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precaution; take the precaution of doing something, I took the precaution of insuring my camera.
The traffic barriers were put there as a safety precaution. Save your work often as a precaution against computer failure.
the use of violence or threats to take control of a plane
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hijacking (U)
to need or deserve a particular type of behaviour or treatment
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to call FOR sth
Dealing with children who are so damaged calls for immense tact and sensitivity.
That kind of abuse is really not called for.
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it is unnecessary and UNwelcome
if someone in authority, especially the army, ... a building, vehicle, or food, they officially demand to have it during an emergency such as a war
начать обучение
to requisition
to head...
начать обучение
to head for/towards/back
something such as a package that is ... weighs more than it is supposed to weigh
начать обучение
My luggage was overweight BY five kilos. Your bad is 10 kilos overweight.
causing death, or able to cause death
начать обучение
These chemicals are lethal TO fish.
likely to be powerful or dangerous - often used humorously
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They were all drinking lethal amounts of tequila!
anyone who is not a member of the military forces or the police
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Many innocent civilians were killed during the war.
because of something
начать обучение
owing to sth
Owing to a lack of funds, the project will not continue next year.
if you do something ..., they pay for you to do it
начать обучение
at sb's expense
to not do something that you want to do
начать обучение
to refrain FROM sth
Please refrain from smoking in this area.
a plane that is ... is in the air
начать обучение
to feel very sad and to miss someone after they have died = to grieve FOR
начать обучение
to mourn, mourn somebody's death/loss/passing
They mourned for their children, killed in the war.
to be sorry for something and wish you had not done it - used especially when considering your actions in a religious way
начать обучение
to rePENT OF sth
He repented of his sins before he died.
a ticket which cannot be transferred from one passenger to another passenger.
начать обучение
a non-transfer(r)able ticket
bilet na okaziciela
начать обучение
transfer(r)able ticket
to make someone feel calmer and less anxious, upset, or angry
начать обучение
to soothe
Lucy soothed the baby by rocking it in her arms.
to persuade someone to do something, especially something that does not seem wise
начать обучение
to INDUCE sb to do sth
Nothing would induce me to vote for him again. nakłaniać
in a case...
начать обучение
of extreme emergency

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