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1. set off

We'd better set off now before it gets dark.
When are you planning to set off?
set off
We set off for London just after ten.
This event set off a crisis. She'll set off for Warsaw in the evening. I have to set off early to get there.
You set off the alarm in the seat of my chair. It goes off when somebody tries to blow smoke up my rear.
What time did you set off?
Rob described Emma to Sophie and she set off one her errand.
I'm about to set off my new business
Wonder why,” said Ron sarcastically as they set off toward the Leaky Cauldron
Have you ever set off very early to catch a flight?
We had better set off soon, otherwise we’ll never get there!
begin a journey; set out/We set off at 5 o’clock.
Definition if you set off, you start a journey. If you set off for somewhere, you start your journey to go to that place
The daredevil set off on the journey into the middle of the jungle.

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2. set out

Let's set out now, and then we might make it to the river by sunset.
they set out at dawn
Since he first set out on his advanture he has visited more than 60 countries
The requirements set out in paragraph 12 of the Request for Proposals have yet to be satisfied.
full details are set out in chapter 2
Kate set out for the house on the other side of the bay.
set out an ambitious plan/ set out the options
So she set out to change them in some small way.
I've set out the refreshments in the hall
After a three-day rest, the travellers set out again.
set out
So in the summer time they had all set out for America.
I do not intend to set out in detail the current state of negotiations with Russia on the new agreement.
begin a journey; set off/We set out at 5 o’clock
Four years ago, we set out to reform the government, and since then, we have accomplished much.

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3. hit the road

Let's hit the road early. We have many miles to go.
It’s getting late. It’s time to hit the road.
Look at the time; let’s hit the road now or we won’t be home before midnight.
I gotta hit the road. Later!
Mandy was tired of living in the same place all her life. One day she hit the road to travel around Europe.

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4. be off

We must be off, I'm afraid
I must be off

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5. to fly

Are we going to fly in a Jumbo Jet?
Are we going to fly Jumbo Jet?

6. sets out to

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