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pistolet на английском языке:

1. gun gun

She shot a gun.
Tom took the gun from Mary before she could kill herself.
A gun might come in handy.
Such a man does not go hunting and seldom owns a gun.
Do you think it should be legal for citizens to possess a gun?
Tom thought it would be a good idea if Mary got a gun.
The defendant was about to stand trial when he grabbed the deputy's gun and shot the judge.
We discussed gun control in social studies class.
According to the ballistics report, this gun can't be the murder weapon.
My screw gun is making weird noises.
Betty may be pretty, but she shoots a gun with the precision of a hawk.
Gun makers have been able to escape responsibility for firearm violence.
I just couldn’t pass a group of men with guns; shooting rabbits and deer; without asking them why they would want to do that.
It's a very interesting organisation. Who's their gun?
In America, a lot of people have guns to protect themselves,

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