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1. bonfire bonfire

Do you have to turn my apartment into a bonfire?
Several bonfires have been lit in the area, filling the air with smoke.

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2. camp fire camp fire

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3. hearth hearth

far from hearth and home
My cat likes to lie basking by hearth.
I used to play by this hearth as a child.
They were reluctant to leave hearth and home.

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4. fire pit fire pit

5. focus focus

Adjust the microscope's focus.
He has given up running in order to focus on the long jump.
Focus on one thing and do it well.
I tried to focus my attention on reading.
I'll focus on the market development for 1999.
I would like to focus attention on the particular design that best represents Emmet's concept.
We must focus on building a solid grass-roots movement.
Due to recent events, it is completely impossible for me to focus on my work.
Although people like to focus on the differences, I think that on the whole it's the same.
Before we try to move up to the next level, I think we need to focus on keeping what we have.
All in all, I think my hobbies are balanced; they bring some relaxation to my life, and at the same time bring focus to my studies.
The publication of the exam results over without incident, for the time being attention is naturally going to focus on the summer break, right?
In fact, an artist lacking in confidence and fortitude would lose focus after 2 or 3 hours.
A good Tatoeba contributor adopts orphaned sentences so the rest of us can focus on Christopher Columbus and his zany antics.
These days many young people work without much focus; my friend's son hadn't gone two years after graduating before he'd changed jobs five times.

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6. fire fire

Fire burns.
Tom extinguished the fire.
The fire brigade was on the scene within five minutes of receiving the call.
A fire was seen to blaze up far away.
Tom killed Mary because he found out she had started the fire that had killed his family.
Why don't we fire everyone and hire a group of new people?
She was busy knitting. In the meantime, he was taking a nap by the fire.
You're playing with fire if you insist on riding your motorcycle without a helmet on.
You'll get a ticket if you park the car in front of a fire hydrant.
Immediately after it caught fire, the chemical factory blew up.
I was just wondering if maybe Tom was the one who started the fire.
This week is Fire Prevention Week.
Attempts to fight the fire with buckets soon proved fruitless.
Grandmother looks very comfortable in that chair beside the fire.
Woman noticed fire in the building and called 911.

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7. bonfire's bonfire's

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