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1. theft theft

I'd like to report a theft.
Needless to say, theft was a rare occurrence.
The number of thefts in the district has recently alarmingly increased.
car theft
A worldwide plague of theft emptied museums.
This appropriation is intended to cover insurance against fire, third-party liability, theft, broken windows
Neighbourhoods in some towns frequetnly have serious problems with gangs, car theft or juvenile crime.
Most crime that is committed round here is theft.
This kind of thinking applies not to just dollars in a box, but larger questions of theft and justice as well.
Schools in some countries face problems such as theft.
Definition theft is the crime of stealing something that does not belong to you. Someone who commits the crime of theft is a thief
how to safeguard databases against identity theft,
Crimes like theft are the most common around here.
Then the police made a deal with Emma not to prosecute either of us for theft

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2. stealing stealing

They caught him stealing.
I'll let you off this time, but I don't ever want to catch you stealing again.
Tom was seen stealing apples from the neighbor's tree.
The sight of the money tempted him into stealing.
Gary Ewing was sentenced to life under the three strikes law for stealing three golf clubs.
Keeping what belongs to another amounts to stealing.
If the vase is not found, John may be accused of stealing it.
Michael was charged with stealing a notebook
The child who was caught stealing apples bravely faced the music in accepting his punishment.
The adventurer grabbed his Uzi and set out to find the man responsible for stealing 12 million Mexican euros.
Lying and stealing live next door to each other.
You have no grounds for accusing Jill of stealing the stock certificates.
A renowned tactician, Christopher Columbus once downed an entire pirate fleet by stealing all of their fruits and vegetables, thus giving them scurvy.
James finally fessed up to stealing money from the tip jar.

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3. robbery

The data about the bank robbery were given to the police.
He was sent to prison for armed robbery.
Murder and robbery are criminal acts.
The police arrested a suspect in connection with the robbery.
He is suspected of robbery.
There was a bank robbery.
- What is the top story at the moment? - There’s been a robbery at a local museum. It is a very bizarre crime.
The first robbery took place in a shopping mall in Malmo.
A large amount of money was stolen in the robbery.
A little, old woman foiled the robbery by whacking the thief on the head with her cane.
For several months after the robbery the thieves kept a low profile.
Bank robbery will cost you ten years in prison.
The thieves knocked off another bank today in a daytime robbery.
He described the robbery in detail.
Also many incidents of robbery by threats and violence are occurring.

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4. larceny

Adam turned to petty larceny
If you steel 100 zł, it will be a larceny.

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5. to steal

to steal a mobile phone

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