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korzyść на английском языке:

1. advantage

A good newspaper reporter takes advantage of what he learns from any source, even the "little bird told him so" type of source.
advantage of being
What the fuck are you up to taking advantage of his proximity to cling to him like a wet T-shirt?!
Don't forget to take advantage of all the resources available on the Internet to help you improve your English. There are a lot of things like videos, music, audio files, films and other interesting things.
Be careful when you shop, because some sales people will try to take advantage of you and offer you an expensive price.
The police officer pointed his pistol at the criminal, who, in turn, held his pistol directly pointed at the officer. Neither had the advantage, the position was a stalemate.
Taking advantage of the popular boom in Korean drama, workers selling Korean goods have increased.
He who is in love with himself has at least this advantage — he won't encounter many rivals.
He's a tenacious guy who always manages to come out on top. He's the kind of guy who can turn any situation to his advantage.
He has come to look like a sly-as-a-fox Premier who uses his position's powers to the fullest extent, to his own advantage.
companies with a computerized database are at an advantage
Having a Being able to speak two or more foreign languages is a great advantage when you are looking for a job.
Everyone understood the advantage of painlessly sampling a tiny volume of blood and most people accepted the need to develop the device in secret.
People really need to make sure they are using this resource to their advantage, by conveying a professional image

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2. benefit

The advantage gained from something. the benefit of eating vegetables is that you are healthier. 2: benefit of the doubt. Choosing to believe someone despite their story or claims being likely to be untrue.
I got it through my head that my parent's strict rules were for my own benefit.
unemployment benefit
I have often observed how little young ladies are interested by books of a serious stamp, though written solely for their benefit. It amazes me, I confess; for, certainly, there can be nothing so advantageous to them as instruction.
Human society is a function of all humanity, those who profit most from it should pay the most for the benefit they gain, of course being greedy, they just want more.
The life lesson: giving people the benefit of the doubt can further your career and personal relationships!
I have one of my friends who graduated from university and became a fine public servant. Once he told me that what he had learned from school had been useless. However, what little philosophy he had learned proved to be of great benefit.
Students, when you want to say something, think about it three times before you say it. Speak only if your words will benefit yourselves and others. Do not speak if it brings no benefit.
Some people do not have a consistent set of principles; they just adopt whatever principles benefit them at the moment.
They claim that cigarettes have many psychological benefits, for example they calm them down and make them feel better.
How have people benefited from the fact that medicine has advanced so much in the last years?
Although government and military agencies were among the first to explore drones for their warfare capabilities, these winged devices are now also marketed to kids,(...), and just about anyone who can benefit from a viewpoint in the skies around them.
Visa liberalisation is intended to benefit the people of these countries, not to reward their politicians.
to be on benefit(s) / salary £20,000 plus benefits

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3. perk

Besides the salary I have a wide range of perks such as mobile phone and company car.
she’d been depressed, but she seemed to perk up last week / the coffee had perked him up long enough to tackle the reviews /
"Free theatre tickets are one of the perks of this job."
His perks included a company car and free private health care.
A salary here is average, but they pay good perks.
The salary's not great, but the perks make up for it
It certainly is a nice perk
They teach us to perk up and lean in when we feel we’d rather
But the arrangement, and the perks that went with it, hadn't gone unnoticed by others in the navy.
There's the perk of letting you join communities for paying members.

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4. profit

You must not think about your immediate profit only.
Brokers struggling to make a profit don't always play by the book.
annual profit
All national institutions of churches, whether Jewish, Christian, or Turkish, appear to me no other than human inventions set up to terrify and enslave mankind, and monopolize power and profit.
Never mind that. After all up till now he's stuffed himself on huge profit selling high brand-name goods of no real worth. From now on he can just try his best at honest trade.
Sales at the company zoomed thanks to brisk export demand, but profit did not keep up because of intense competition.
Human society is a function of all humanity, those who profit most from it should pay the most for the benefit they gain, of course being greedy, they just want more.
Profit is better than fame.
As shown above, it is possible to obtain ample profit and customers with truly simple know-how that anyone can do!
Profit on computers for the previous year was nearly ten percent higher than the current year.
1. A financial gain, especially the difference between the amount earned and the amount spent in buying, operating, or producing something; 2. The good result or advantage... E.g. He’s been in business five years, but has not yet turned a profit.
Net profit for the period is estimated at 5 billion yen, largely unchanged from the previous one.
Net profit for the last three months is a new record high!
Peter was an altruistic video game player; he would give items to people who needed them, rather than selling them for personal profit.
All men who profit from the fruits of the earth must give back part of them to the Church, who will apply them to three uses: providing for pastors, the maintenance of religious buildings, help to the poor.

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