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ematoma на английском языке:

1. bruise

I have a bruise.
My whole body was one big bruise after the rugby game.
blood thinners make it more likely for you to bruise
That's a really awful bruise. - Yeah, I know. I fell off my bike a couple of days ago.
to be covered in bruises
How to create a gross-looking bruise for Halloween.
Her long dress covered a huge bruise on her knee
The driver hit his head on the windscreen and ended up with a terrible bruise.
She's got bruise
I was scratched and bruised all over
1. [noun, countable] - a dark mark where the skin has not been broken but is darker in colour, often as a result of being hit by something 2. [verb] - to cause or to get a bruise or bruises
He suffered cuts and bruises after falling off his bike.
She bruised her leg quite badly when she fell.
Fallen apples are often bruised.
minor cuts and bruises

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