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novelis на английском языке:

1. novelist

She is my favourite novelist.
She was the bestselling novelist of all times.
In addition to being a famous physicist, he is a great novelist.
This is the pen which the famous novelist wrote with.
The novelist gathered materials for his work.
I have a friend whose father is a famous novelist.
The novelist wrote several romances.
After all is said and done, he was a first-rate novelist.
The poet and novelist were both present at the meeting.
It's not immoral for a novelist to tell lies. In fact, the bigger the lies, the better lies, and the more the common folks and critics will praise you.
Her prose is full of needlessly florid, cliched descriptions, securing her career as a romance novelist.
With such a vivid imagination he'll become either a world-famous novelist or a lunatic.
With the appearance of a promising new writer, the aging novelist fell from prominence.
Who do you think is the greatest modern novelist?
Balzac once said that life doesn't create perfect stories, but a novelist can.