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nerveux на английском языке:

1. nerved nerved

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2. sinewy sinewy

I couldn’t help but notice that his leg was becoming weirdly sinewy.
tanned and sinewy with muscle

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3. nervous nervous

They became nervous.
I have to be honest. I was a little bit nervous the first time I had an MRI scan.
With so many people around he naturally became a bit nervous.
Hers was a nervous disease, and a change of air was an urgent need.
I may seem confident, but I get extremely nervous speaking in front of people. My hands tremble, I get all tongue-tied, and sometimes I don't even know what I'm saying myself.
I'm the type who gets nervous in front of people, so I'm bad at speech making.
The nervous girl is in the habit of chewing the end of her pencil.
When he gets up on stage to sing one of his out-of-tune solos, I get so nervous for him that I get sweaty palms.
I was really nervous to see how they dealt with each other just now. I guess things were touch-and-go between them.
It is to be regretted that comparatively little is known of the phenomenon of fatigue in the central nervous system.
You're right when you say how high the wall is; I was nervous at first, too.
The real, biological nervous system is highly complex and includes some features that may seem superfluous based on an understanding of artificial networks.
Why is it so difficult to establish that the nervous cell is the basic unit for the nervous tissue?
I feel nervous when I have to walk home late at night through a cemetery. I am scared of ghosts. Many people feel nervous before their driving test.

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4. nervy nervy

It was kind of nervy of Sam to boss around like that.
Why are you so nervy? Mellow out.

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5. wiry wiry

He had a wiry build.
a short, wiry man with glinting gold fillings

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