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droit на английском языке:

1. entitling entitling

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2. upright upright

Butter, bread and green cheese; whoever can't say that is not an upright Frisian.
He sits upright, not crouched over his plate like an animal at a feeding trough.
Even after it was hit, the pole was still upright.
An empty bag can't stand upright.
Stand upright when I'm talking to you.

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3. entitle entitle

Tom is entitled to a premium bonus for his high sales this month.
to be entitled to
This ticket does not entitle you to travel first class.
an email entitled “Travellers beware” went viral
to entitlement to a full pension
he entitled me to run his company in his absences

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4. straight straight

straight hair
She was born with underdeveloped lungs, but eventually a few steroid shots set her straight.
With a high, closed collar, figure-hugging cut, and large slits at either side of a straight skirt, the qipao is unique in its ability to communicate both modesty and sensuousness.
It is characteristic of the fork ball, one of baseball's change-ups, that a ball that flew straight will drop suddenly just before the batter.
Ronpari is a word that designates those whose eyes don't look straight, but in different directions to the left and right, as if they were looking at Paris and London.
Taking into account the time I'd just spent napping, I'm really picking up the sense that this time's exam really won't be straight forward.
In a time-bound society time is seen as linear- in other words as a straight line extending from the past, through the present, to the future.
I was flabbergasted to hear that she died of a drug overdose. She always seemed like such a straight arrow to me.
Go straight, then take the second street to the left and turn immediately again to the right. That will be Karlova Street and then you should keep going straight across Charles Bridge to Mostecka Street and on to Malostranské Square.
Ah, y-yes ... Sorry, Coz. "Hey! You might be my relative but here I'm your senior and a doctor. Keep things straight while you're in the hospital!"
I didn't know what was what. The inside of my head had gone to panic mode and I couldn't get things straight.
Tim produced a perfect alveolar trill for a straight minute. The rest of the Spanish class envied and despised this vulgar display of power.
Just how tiresome was it to argue straight against the phrase "Don't blindly follow America's lead!"

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