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1. factories

Factories have been urged to switch from coal to a cleaner fuel.
Some factories pollute the environment.
New factories and industrial centers were built.
Factories were producing more than ever before.
Many new factories have opened.
Workers struggled as factories closed.
The ladies are looking after the children whose parents are employed in factories during the daytime.
At the turn of the century, children still worked in factories.
Government officials inspected all factories.
Japanese companies have set up factories on every continent, and Japanese banks help finance many of the world's major economic programs.
A generous tax break will be provided to foreign companies that set up factories in the area.
Salmonella outbreaks blemished spinach importers' reputation for running clean factories.
It aims to furnish factories and homes with sophisticated robots.
As a result of some factories using fossil fuels, chemical emissions have already caused serious environmental problems.
After one or two large factories have been built in or near a town, people come to find work, and soon an industrial area begins to develop.

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2. luck

Good luck.
His old company gave him the shaft. But I admire the way he turned bad luck into good and did even better with his own business.
Luck comes to those who look for it.
Through his own efforts and a bit of luck, he won first prize in the contest.
Selena Gomez and the Scene also had good luck with their first album, "Kiss and Tell." It has sold more than a million copies around the world.
His luck has changed, he is going to the dogs, but no one even lifts a finger to help him.
Men must not dress in black and white clothes because it is said that this brings bad luck.
Everything I accomplished came from hard work. All bad things that happen to me are due to bad luck. All things you accomplish come from good luck. All bad things that happen to you are due to your lack of work ethic.
As good luck would have it, a steamer passed by and they were saved.
He had his girlfriend blow on the dice for luck before he threw them.
Oh luck! Like the moon, you steadily change, you always grow and then wither again.
Even if your sentences were actually senseless, you at least have the luck to be able to form beautiful sentences.
Buy a lottery ticket or something? "Well, I don't think I've got much luck with gambling."
If it hadn't been for Lindbergh's luck and his knowledge of flying, he could never have succeeded in crossing the Atlantic.
If I considered the possibility of catching the flu every time I kiss a girl I don't know, I'd have no luck with the ladies at all.

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