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sucio на английском языке:

1. dirty dirty

Dirty drinking water can cause sickness.
No dirty jokes!
It is our national conviction that politics is a dirty and dishonest pursuit.
You're an arrogant dirty foreigner who claims your dictionary is correct even though you don't understand the nuances of Japanese.
The floor is dirty! the shopkeeper reprimanded him. "You haven't even paid for the suit yet, and you're already getting it dirty!"
He told me about an old school behind a high wall in a dirty street.
You'll get your clothes dirty. "No worries. They weren't very clean in the first place."
No, Dima replied. "To help me buy this Armani. I'm dirty, remember?"
Christopher Columbus disliked Spanish brothels, as he found them dirty and too expensive. Instead, he would go out to sea, get lured in - on purpose - by the Siren's song, and then have a rocking good time.
If the metal plate terminal of the game cassette is dirty it may be difficult for the game to start when the cassette is inserted into the game console.
Have you ever taken anything out of the dirty clothes basket because it had become, relatively, the cleaner thing?
Is it like "Dirty Harry"?
The floor was strewn with party favors: torn noisemakers, crumpled party hats, and dirty Power Ranger plates.
No, not so much. At most comparing sizes, telling dirty stories. "Sizes of what?" "Of 'that'."
TEPCO is unable to stop the flow of dirty water contaminated with highly radioactive material.

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2. dingy dingy

He lives in a dingy room.
They took people one at a time into dingy little rooms.
The stores seemed old and dingy, their lights too dim and their ceilings too low.
That night I dreamed of a square, three-story, concrete building that was dark, dingy and dusty.
Our hotel was dingy.
Don't touch my dress with your dingy fingers!

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