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pastel на английском языке:

1. cake cake

I like cake.
Tom admitted that he didn't eat the cake that his girlfriend had baked for him.
On my fourteenth birthday, I ate ice cream cake.
It's my fault that the cake was burned. I was talking on the phone and didn't notice the time.
I was surprised because my husband actually ate some of our wedding cake.
Cutting a cake into equal pieces is rather difficult.
That cake looks good too. Give me a small piece.
Many people think that sponge cake is difficult to bake, but if you use enough eggs, nothing can really go wrong.
There are more Buddhists in Germany today than people who know how to make a good chocolate cake.
The Black Forest cake is a natural aphrodisiac.
We conversed until late at night while eating cake and drinking tea.
At the beginning of a marathon race, scores of runners start, but only a few finish and just one takes the cake.
You must love the crust of the earth on which you dwell more than the sweet crust of any bread or cake; you must be able to extract nutriment out of a sand heap.
The child who ate almost all this cake must be very fat.
If cheese is good, but the cake is a lie, what is a cheesecake? A good lie.

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2. pie pie

His aunt's apple pie was delicious, so he had a second helping.
Tom baked his wife a pumpkin pie.
Mary doesn't make pie crust. She usually buys it pre-made.
All the competitors are trying to get their piece of the pie.
When we entered the shack, we saw a half-eaten pie on the table.
He asked for pie, and I ordered the same.
Tom eagerly finished up what was left of the champagne and chicken pie.
apple pie
We picked apples so as to make a pie.
Luciano, the underdog in the match, will be trying to make the champ eat humble pie.
With one glorious right hook, Punkin' Pie uncrowned the reigning heavyweight champion.
Tim's employer promised him pie in the sky benefits.
Those little yogurts may be guiltless, but do they really taste like key lime pie?
He brought in over half of his company's sales, so he expected to be given a piece of the pie.
a type of food made with meat, vegetables, or fruit which is covered in pastry and baked She made a spinach pie.

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