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brillar на английском языке:

1. gleam gleam

Her teeth gleamed white against the tanned skin of her face.
A gleam of hope appeared in her eyes.
he said it with an odd gleam in his eye
the gleam of a silver tray
The gleam of the Moon guided us.
She polished the table until it gleamed.
The brightwork gleamed... I am looking for a young woman of color whose name is Sarah, he said.

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2. to shine to shine

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3. glow

the glow on her face looked very pretty
The room was dark except for the white glow of the computer monitor
We were mesmerized by the pulsating glow of the embers.
The green lampshade casts a warm glow in the room.
A nightlight glowed dimly in the corner of the children's bedroom.
Her cheeks began to glow with shame.
The glow of the light was intense.
They say there are fields of ghost grass with stalks as pale as milk that glow in the night.
A glowing doorway.
how you glow
Light of the moon created the glow above the forest.
let me glow
The dagger glowed with a strange light every day.
After groping in the dark for hours, we finally saw a faint glow coming from a cottage near the sea.
An evening glow often promises good weather.

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