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unten на английском языке:

1. below below

See below.
The reason why we cannot support his view will be given below.
An office building, with 22 stories above ground and 2 below, is under construction.
Large-scale surface currents are already known to exist, and major currents below the ocean surface, too, are being found.
Below, you can read the instructions you will be given during the final exam.
Use interrogative pronouns to rewrite the sentences below; if you need to, you can add or remove a few words.
The explanation below was achieved by comparing and contrasting a variety of different theories.
You are in a narrow rocky shaft. There is some light shining from far above. Below you is the cave you started in. What do you do now?
Between Heaven above and Hell below is a place called Earth.
I'm teaching basic participial constructions now, but, with regard to those below, what different ways of translating them would everybody use?
Kori walked downwards as much as she could and ended up five stories below ground level.
Simply follow the instructions below, and in no time you will be printing full color documents just as easily and quickly as black and white.
Please send reports of mistypings and mistranslations to the email address below.

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2. downiest downiest

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3. downstairs

He came downstairs.
Come downstairs as soon as possible.
We asked him on the interphone if he could come downstairs quickly.
Let's go downstairs for dinner.
There is a lady downstairs who wants to speak to you.
Tom came downstairs in his pajamas.
She came downstairs with a letter in her hand.
The downstairs was rented to a bookseller.
He came downstairs out of the bedroom for breakfast.
When you fall off the stairs, you're downstairs quickly.
We were afraid that we might be hit by a bullet, so we ran downstairs.
he went downstairs to answer the phone
He went downstairs to answer the phone. (On zszedł na dół żeby odebrać telefon.) I went downstairs and turned off the light. (Poszedłem na dół i wyłączyłem światło.)
There is a kitchen and a big living room downstairs
Jimmy, breakfast is ready. Come downstairs.

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